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I can never do one ever again. I've only done 3 collaborative model edits during my entire time using MMD. All three have sucked SO BADLY that it actually makes me ashamed to even say that I helped make it. Every time I would do a collab model edit, the person that I'm working with is either lazy, unorganized, messy, or just plain whiny. When I say that I can fix something, they usually just passive aggressively tell me to fuck off for offering my advice on how to fix an issue or just take the issue that I just fixed and recreate it tellin me that it's how it's supposed to be.

Collaborative model edits: NEVER AGAIN.

I can't deal with babies/whiners/complainers. It's really exhausting having to fix every issue that you create.

When doing collab model edits, I usually fix bones and edit textures, but ehh apparently people who can't even clean up their models of extra physics/joints/bones/ expressions/ bone categories/ verticies/ crap knows better than me. At least my models don't have extra anything.

This is why I usually would rather work with someone that I know is better than me or just as good as me and knows how to communicate effectively. This is why most times I decline help on edits that I'm having issues with or would ask someone that I know is experienced with pmde
Hfuffjidjdiddidhanimenebula jfjdidkdidido

I mean, I'm not perfect either, but I'm a perfectionist. I want everything that I make/help make look presentable and desired. Not half assed half way through that really bugs me a lot.
Ok, enough ranting. Time to go give something oh on nico and pixiv


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Lunar Aki
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I am me. Nothing else to say here B[

Oh yeah. There is something

I am extremely bitchy when provoked, so to avoid my bitchy side, keep your negativity to yourself. Don't get butthurt at me when I fight your negativity off. Ok? C:

This is where MMD Downloads (if any) and pictures will go. I am :iconakittymori: / :iconlunaraki: Ok? Ok. Good. Now shoo

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